Best OLM to PST Converter Software in 2022

OLM to PST Converter is a fantastic program for converting numerous OLM files to
PST format. Microsoft Outlook is accessible for both Windows and MAC systems here.
However, among email users, the Windows version is highly popular. It is possible
that you may need to switch from MAC Outlook to Windows Outlook at some point.
In this case, you must convert the OLM file to PST format in order to access the
contents in the OLM file’s mailbox.

There might be several reasons to convert OLM to PST. When editing emails,
updating address books, and syncing calendar events in Outlook for MAC, you’re
more likely to encounter bugs. Furthermore, when the OLM file size surpasses 20 GB,
Outlook for MAC 2011 replies slowly. This is one of the most prevalent problems
encountered by Outlook users.

Learn more about tools that can convert OLM to PST without any settings. We have
evaluated and identified the top ten Best OLM to PST converters. Continue reading
to learn about the best tools for converting OLM files to PST format.

The OLM to PST Converter tools is one type of tool that can assist with this
transformation. OLM files are the master repository file format used by Outlook for
MAC and are used for storing local data like as emails, notes, photos, and more,
however, PST files are used by MS Outlook for keeping the same material, thus you’ll
need a tool to convert the content in OLM files to PST format.

Microsoft Outlook has bridged the gap between the MAC and Windows operating
systems. In general, the apps used in both operating systems are distinct, and users
must execute such software independently for the same tasks. MS Outlook allows
users to enjoy the benefits of effective email communication without changing the
kind of program. The sole difference between MS Outlook for Windows and MS
Outlook for MAC is the data file. Outlook for MAC generates OLM files, whereas
Outlook for Windows generates PST files.

The PST file has a single data file containing several mailboxes, however, the
mailboxes in Outlook for MAC are not saved in the same data file. Data elements are
saved independently, which is why users cannot read OLM files directly in Outlook
for MAC.

Top 5 Best OLM to PST Converter for MS Outlook

  1. SysTools OLM to PST Converter
  2. Stellar OLM to PST Converter
  3. Kernel for OLM to PST
  4. Softaken OLM to PST Converter
  5. OLM Converter Bitrecover


In this blog , I have discussed best OLM to PST Converter tool. You can have an idea about the features and the benefits & risks of these tools for the efficient conversion of OLM to PST format in MS Outlook.

You can rely on one of these OLM to PST conversion tools for all your Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook conversion needs. This tool is most reliable and highly recommended to customers.

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