Free Methods to Convert MBOX to PST File Manually

The Outlook email client is very popular for its security, storing larger file items with emails, anti-spam feature, Exchange compatibility, etc. Even other email clients such as MBOX clients often migrate to Outlook properties due to more reliable and more advanced features of Outlook. To keep the demand up, this whole blog is focusing on how to convert MBOX to PST.

What are the advantages of the Outlook email client?

  • Supports all mailbox data – contacts, calendar , tasks, etc.
  • Ability to configure other email clients
  • User interface for smooth processes
  • More reliable security and functionality than other email clients
  • Extended file format to store complete Outlook data
  • Available Anti-spam functions for data
  • Available password protection facilities for data
  • No internet connection required to access items already open


Get an automatic solution to convert MBOX or MBX files from 10+ email clients like AppleMail, Eudora ,Entourage, Spicebird , Pocomail , Netscape etc. to Outlook PST file formats with MBOX to PST tool.

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There are manual solutions for converting MBOX to PST that you can try. However, we do not guarantee data integrity when using these methods when performing the conversion process. Therefore, it is always highly recommended that you back up your MBOX file data before attempting such a manual solution. The following manual methods are available for conversion:

First – Convert through EML Files.

This solution includes the idea of saving the MBOX emails in an EML file format and , exporting those files to Outlook using the import/export feature. Please let us know about this sequential, step-by-step process as described below.

  • Create a new folder and move the items from the MBOX file: First, open the MBOX mail client & right click on any mailbox folder. Select the New Folder option, give it a name and select Create Folder to create it. Now copy the desired MBOX emails and paste or drag & drop to this new folder.
  • Convert to EML: Select all the MBOX files you want to convert in this folder and right click on them. Select the Save as EML option. Specify the path to save the converted EML files.
  • Migrate EML to Outlook EML Files: Open the Outlook EML Files folder & drag and drop previously saved EML files into it.
  • Open Import and Export wizard in Outlook, follow File>Import >Import/Export
  • Choose Export to a file option and click Next.
  • Select Outlook data file (.pst) and click Next.
  • Go to , folders and select the folder with EML files & click Next.
  • Browse the saving location for PST file, select the option ‘Do not export duplicate items’ and click on Finish
  • The MBOX data file is converted to PST finally.

Note: To move some important emails to EML files and not be in the mood to create the entire PST file individually, users can simply drag and drop the exported EML files from the MBOX email client and in a specific folder of the PST mailbox to open it. the Outlook application.

Second – Convert through Multiple Email Clients

This method has several steps for the final MBOX to PST conversion. The first step is moving the MBOX files to AppleMail, the second is creating mailboxes in Eudora, the third is importing mailboxes into Outlook Express, and the last step is importing mailboxes from Outlook Express to Outlook.

For clarity, step-by-step procedure, which should only be followed in order.

Note. To complete this process, the user must have install AppleMail, Eudora, Outlook Express, and Outlook.

  • The first step is to import MBOX into AppleMail.
    • Open the AppleMail application and choose File > Import Mailboxes.
    • Now select “File in MBOX format” option and click “Next” to continue.
    • In the next window, browse to the location of the MBOX file you want to convert and choose the “Select” option to choose the items you want to import, then click “Next”.
    • The import process begins. When completed , click Finish.
    • The MBOX file is send to AppleMail account .
  • The second step is to create a mailbox in the Eudora mail client.

Follow the steps:

  • First rename & add the extension .mbx to the imported MBOX file, for example – test.mbx.
  • Go to this location C: Documents and Settings Application Data \ Qualcomm \ Eudora and paste this imported test.mbx file.
  • Now start your Eudora application and select the test.mbx file to confirm that it exists as a mailbox.
  • Third step – import the Eudora MBOX file into Outlook Express
    • Complete the import process as follows:
    • Start the installed Outlook Express, then click File and select Import and then click Messages option.
    • Select the Eudora option and then click Next.
    • Locate the MBOX file test.mbx and click OK. Go ahead by clicking Next, Next again and finally the Finish option.
    • The MBOX file will be saved in the local Outlook Express folders.

Final step – Importing the MBOX file from Outlook Express to Outlook

  • Run the Outlook tool and click to File>Import>Import and Export.
  • Now opened Import and Export Wizard, click Import Internet Mail and Addresses option and click on Next.
  • Click Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x or Window Mail and select options (Import Mail and Import Address Book) , click the Next.
  • After import gets completed, and the conversion process is finished and finally MBOX mail is converted to PST.

Issues or Limitations with Manual Methods

Limitations that prevent users from running the above native solutions are listed below:

  • Indirect and complex procedures
  • Long and confusing process
  • Only emails are forwarded using the EML conversion method
  • High probability of data and property loss
  • Only small data conversion
  • Risks of losing the MBOX file structure
  • A lot of technical knowledge is required
  • There is no secure data integrity
  • Does not support the conversion of multiple MBOX files
  • You need too many email clients (more than two)
  • Probability of corruption or loss of SMTP header

If you don’t want to take any chances or waste time on manual solutions, you can do MBOX to PST conversion automatically with the reliable MBOX to PST converter solution. It converts MBOX to PST directly with no data limitation, in just some steps. The process is simple, precise and efficient because the perfect implementation can be done in a few minutes. Use the trial version of the demo version available on the website, then choose to buy it.


We would like to conclude this blog by evaluating if manual solutions are available to convert MBOX to PST., but these are all complicated, indirect, and time-consuming processes. And cannot trust completely. Hence, it would be better, faster, and more efficient to convert MBOX to PST with a smart professional tool.

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